How to Choose a Catering Service for Your Wedding

If your wedding is near, and you plan to hire catering, you have probably started to try to decide which catering service is exactly what you need. But it turned out to be much more complicated than you thought, especially in Florida, where food is a big deal. Here are some tips to help you choose.

To choose the catering you have to try it.

Few things in the world are worth trying on your own skin. You can listen to other people’s opinions all day, but in the end you are the one you have to decide if it is all right, if you are convinced and the best thing is to test it.

The best thing would be to invite you during the preparations for a wedding and get some taste from cooking: see how they move during an outfit, before the bride and groom arrive, and be able to taste something on the fly let you know what they do when they are not seen And you understand quickly enough if that catering can do what you need them to do or not.

The alternative is to ask if they organize dedicated days: in one of the places they work best together, catering usually organizes days with many couples and, in the face of a symbolic figure that serves to cover the living expenses, realize a full wedding menu, So you can personally taste the creations of the kitchen and check out their restaurant equipment.

catering service equipment


Photo: Catering Service powered by Lauro Equipment at Fort Lauderdale.

A good restaurant is also recognized by the service.

A few years ago the farmhouses were very fashionable: many brides loved the concept of spending little and eating well. It was a pity, however, that not all farmhouses were equipped with weddings and although the food was good and the price per person valid, the service was not the same. Little staff, casually dressed, unprofessional.

Yet it is a wedding after all, and even if you want it to be different or unconventional, your guests must feel pampered and treated well: nothing flat on the fly or served hastily. Do not forget the uniform: the jeans and the checkered shirt are beautiful, but maybe the classic white shirt with the apron is better. Stylish, classic and easily recognizable.

Ask your wedding planner.

At the end of everything, it’s best to turn to those who work in the industry for so long. But not the florist, who is in charge of a particular thing and nothing else, ask instead who usually lives with you on that day.

The wedding planner has been in contact with several catering for months, so it can give you a complete judgment, but photographers and musicians can be quite objective because even though they only have to do it that day, they see the service behind the scenes.